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Like-minded Fans/Clubs
Clapton Ultras – AntiFascist Fans at Clapton FC
Dulwich Hamlet Supporters Trust (+ Dultras) – Fans at Dulwich Hamlet FC who’ve collected for refugees at Calais + Friendship with Altona 93 fans (German amateur football team with anti-fascist fans who think St Pauli have sold out)
Babelsberg 03 – Football club based in Potsdam, just outside Berlin. Home of Welcome United, a team for refugees. Antifascist fans with links to St Pauli. Plays in Regionalliga Nordost.
Roter Stern Leipzig – Left-wing amateur sports club, with a range of football teams plus other sports.
Tennis Borussia – Berlin based football club. Home of Football Fans Against Homophobia initiative.