Fussball/Football Terms

Football may be a universal language but from time to time you might just wonder what the German is for ‘Goal!’ (‘Tor!’) or ‘Offside!’ (‘Abseits!’) or what the difference is between ‘shiesse!’ and ‘scheisse!’ (‘Shoot!’, ‘Shit!’).  Here is our introduction to the wonderful world of Fussball/football terms and phrases.

Football Glossary – Football Glossary v0.2
An A-Z listing which we have arbitrarily pulled together from various sources and experiences. Of course we may have missed something or got it wrong so if you have any comments, suggestions etc then we’d like to hear from you.

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Dusel = unearned luck (of the Bayern Munich variety).

Puddingbeinen (Pudding legs). As in St. Pauli mit “Puddingbeinen”. (Taken from review of the Würzburger game on Kicker.de  8 Nov 2016).

Deckungsschatten (literally: the shade of marking). The time players spend in a match unable to receive a ball because the opponents are blocking the passing lane. (Taken from the Gurniad article by Raphael Honigstein 24 Oct 2016)

Ballspiele !  –  Ballspiele
A scan from an old school book, complete with diagram. You may spot that a goal line judge is included. Whatever happened to them eh?

Other Stuff – Footballing Metaphors, Nicknaming and Pearls of Wisdom
And here’s stuff that we didn’t know where to put. Some of it may be old but it’s still amusing…
Oh well, please yourselves.