Season 2015-16

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The season is over but it was a close one. Whilst there was no prospect of relegation this time around Pauli were in danger of getting themselves in the play-off spot for possible promotion. Phew! 😉 See you next season!


Game 34/34.  ST PAULI  5 – 2 Kaiserslautern.
Sun. 15 May. The visitors strike first and it doesn’t bode well. But the now fit Miyachi bags a brace to turn the game around. Some terrific out of the box screamers from both sides turn up the heat, as the rain turns to sunshine. A good end to a good season.

Game 33/34.  Nürnberg  1 – 0  ST PAULI .
Sun. 08 May. Pauli run out of inventiveness and stamina. As does this game reviewer.

Game 32/34.  ST PAULI  0 – 2 1860 München.
Fri. 29 April. The visitors get the points and lift themselves out of the relegation zone. Pauli have nothing to play for…

Game 31/34.  Fortuna Düsseldorf  1 – 1  ST PAULI.  
Fri. 22 April.  Fortuna take the lead five minutes in and all Pauli can muster in the first half is two yellow cards. Things are evened up in the second half as Fortuna get two yellow cards before Picault gets the equalizer for Pauli in the 71st minute.

Game 30/34.  ST PAULI  2 – 0  Bochum.
Sat. 16 April.  Bochum are off to a flyer and could have been three goals up by half time but Pauli’s scrambling defence somehow cope. At the other end Picault has a sniff of a chance but the ‘keeper’s inner thigh proves to be thick enough to deny a nutmeg.  The second half is a different story with more chances falling to Pauli on the break and it is Picault who bags the brace which gives Pauli the three points.  So the teams switch places at fourth and fifth.

Game 29/34.  Freiburg  4 – 3  ST PAULI.
Sun. 10 April.  The odds  were on the home team, currently on top of the table and looking to bounce back up to the Bundesliga, to take the points.  Three minutes in and they are 1-0 up and by half-time it is 2-0.  So, another 45 minutes to stem the tide of goals eh? But what’s this? Plucky Pauli force a goal to lift hopes at 2-1! Ok these hopes are dashed soon after as Freiburg thieve a third… But then a screamer sees Pauli pull another one back to make it 3-2… Only for hopes of an equaliser to be dashed once again as Freiburg filch a fourth. Then a well taken penalty near the end has Pauli within sight of a mighty 4-4 draw…Only for all hope to be dashed once more, this time by the fickle final whistle of fate.  If only…..But hey, Pauli won the second half 😉

Game 28/34.  ST PAULI  0 – 0  Union Berlin.
Fri. 01 April.  Perhaps Pauli ought to have carried out their April Fool in full and introduced their new mascot Zecki (a guy in a tic costume) as it would have given us something to smile and talk about. This was a pretty uneventful game with former-Paulianer nearly assisting in a goal but for the lightning reflexes of Himmelman. Still, another game tic-ked off (geddit?). Oh well, please yourselves. Pauli remain adrift of the play-off spot (hurrah! some might say).

Game 27/34.  Sandhausen  0 – 2  ST PAULI.
Sat. 19 Mar.  On a pitch which seems to be a few rolls of turf absent it’s Thy-time in the 8th minute as Lennart heads in at close range but it isn’t until the 40th minute that Rzatkowski pounces on a sloppy clearance and after a nifty 1-2 is 1-1 with the goalkeeper and after lopping the ball over him it’s 0-2.  And that’s they way it stays.

Game 26/34.  ST PAULI  3 – 4 Paderborn.
Fri. 11 Mar. A seven goal spectacle/nightmare as Paderborn pounce on a dismal defence with some well taken goals to get their first win in 13 games. Sure, Pauli were denied a goal for apparent offside, sure their third goal could have been cleared if not for some hapless, indecisive, wrong-footed defending, sure Pauli made a fight-back making it 3-4 in the third minute of injury time but surely this now puts paid to any fears of promotion 😉

Game 25/34.  Heidenheim 2 – 0  ST PAULI.
Sun. 6 Mar.  Whatever the Heidenheim players are taking, I’ll have a pint of that please, ‘cos they never stopped running and pressuring Pauli whose stalwart defence eventually stalled in the 70th minute – even Himmlemann can only do/take so much. It was too much to ask the boys to pull anything back and so it proved when the home-runners get their second (83). Even worse, Verhoek – scorer in last two games – comes on as sub (46) is taken off 13mins later after landing awkwardly on his ankle.  As if that is not enough, bright sunshine gives way to hailstones and Lienen is forced to gurn in frustration. Bless.

Game 24/34.  ST PAULI   1 – 0  Eintracht Braunschweig.
Thu. 3 Mar.  In game that seemed to have null-null schreiben all over it in spite of a number of attacks on goal, it is Verhoek who aims from far outside the box to hit a divet of turf right in front of the diving committed keeper which redirects the ball into the back of the net (82min). Ok, it might have been a fluke but the Pauli defence remained firm in the remaining minutes. So, erm, well deserved.

Game 23/34.  Duisburg  0 – 2  ST PAULI
Sun. 28 Feb. Bottom-of-the-table dweiling Duisburg make it hard work for Pauli in a game of 8 (3/5) yellow cards. Pauli make some changes before the start of the game due to injuries (including Nehrig during warm-up) and seem a little out of sorts. But, yet again, it is Marc Rzatkowski that breaks the deadlock with a sweet out-of-the-box shot that beats the zebra’s goalie (64min). The zebras springbokback and herd into the Pauli penalty box, creating panic in the last 10 minutes but it is Verhoek – in his 100th league appearance for Pauli – who strips a striped-one of the ball from a lazy throw-in and is through in a one-on-one with the galloping-goalie through whose legs Verhoek strikes home the second goal right on the stroke of full-time! Pauli stay 4th and in view of the play-off spot.

(L-R) Jeremy Dudziak, John Verhoek (top) and Marc Rzatkowski (blond quiff akimbo, front) celebrate the first goal. An endangered blue zebra looks on.

(L-R) Jeremy Dudziak, John Verhoek (top) and Marc Rzatkowski (blond quiff akimbo, front) celebrate the first goal. An endangered blue zebra looks on.

Game 22/34.  ST PAULI 1 -3  FSV Frankfurt
Fri. 19 Feb. Marc Rzatkowski scores in the 10th minute (2mins slower than last week) but the furts fight back immediately and its 1-1 in the 11th minute.  Its 1-2 before half-time and an own-goal early in the second gives the visitors their furst ever win at the Millerntor.

Game 21/34.  ST PAULI  1 – 0  RB Leipzig
Fri.12 Feb. Marc Rzatkowski scores in the 8th minute in a game where most of the pressure comes, as expected, from the table-topping ™ visitors but thanks to super-goalie Robin Himmelmann they fail to score and suffer their first away defeat! Woo hoo to that! Pauli are back in fourth spot with an eye on the play-off if anyone is bothered about such things.

Game 20/34.  Greuther Fürth 0 – 2  ST PAULI.
Sun. 7 Feb. 2016.  Against the run of play (‘gegenspielverkaufen’) and with a whiff of a suspicion of offside – although the toe was in no way interfering with play at the time – Pauli take the lead when Hornschuh heads into the net (34min). No such whiffings with the second goal as Sobota beats the goalie one-on-one (footo-a-mano) just over the hour (62).  Verhoek comes on as sub and promptly suffers a head injury which requires more bandages than the invisible man…

Game 19/34.  ST PAULI  1 – 2 Karlsruher.
Fri. 18 Dec. Bah Humbug in Hamburg. Nehrig gives Pauli the lead but the visitors get the equalizer before half time. Their second comes with a strong stench of offside but pffft, the goal is given. We was stuffed like a turkey and all that.  And with that it’s Winterpause. Here’s looking forward to a bright start in February.

Game 18/34.  Arminia Bielefield  0 – 0  ST PAULI.
Mon. 14 Dec. A draw is not good enough to keep Pauli in third spot (Nurnberg leap-frog to third via goal difference).  Himmlemann earns the point, Kalla picks up an injury which means we won’t see him play until the restart of the season in Feb., as we will Ziereis who having picked up the required number of yellow cards means he misses the next game and can now go home to write his xmas cards early. Or drink.

Game 17/34.  Kaiserslautern 1 – 2 ST PAULI.
Sun. 06 Dec. Pauli get a surprise win away thanks to Thy’s two Tors that retain Pauli’s third spot in the table.

Game 16/34.  ST PAULI  0 – 4  Nürnberg.
Sun. 29 Nov.  Pauli play promisingly with lots of shots on goal but the visitor’s goalkeeper has them all covered, whilst his team-mates make the most of the counter-attacking chances. A fumble by Himmelman to gift a fourth goal just about sums up the game for Pauli. In spite of this Pauli stay third in the table.

Game 15/34.  1860 München  2 – 0  ST PAULI.
Sat. 21 Nov.  Bugger. Just when you might think that Pauli could walk the three points over the lower table munchers you are reminded of their consistent inconsistency.  Two outside of the box shots within three minutes beat Himmelmann left and right, whilst Pauli fail to make an impression of a team that looked like scoring.  As a result Pauli drop to third from top whilst Munchen rise to third from bottom.

Game 14/34.  ST PAULI  4 – 0 Fortuna Düsseldorf.
Mon. 09 Nov.  Four against Fortuna! Yes you read that right. Four goals. And it could have been more. But it was Thy (pronounced=Tee) who got all four goals, with a brace in each half thereby just missing out on a ‘Lupenreiner’ hat-trick [see our Fussball terms] but who’s complaining? Not since 2003 has a Pauli player scored four goals in a game. And what a time to do it. Before the game we knew that a win by a margin of three would put Pauli into second position in the table (or a win by a margin of nine would put them top). Thy-time celebrations!! 

Game 13/34.  Bochum  1 – 1  ST PAULI.
Fri. 30 Oct. Both teams decline the opportunity to go top of the league shock! PAULI seem keen when they score in the 10min (Kalla) but that only last for two minutes before the home team equalise. There are chances for either side of course. The biggest being when PAULI are offered a penalty in the 68min. Possibly a harsh decision which is why they thought it unfair to score from it 😉 called the rest of the game an ‘open slugfest’…but no gastropd molluscs, or league positions, were harmed by the end of play.
League position after Game 13 –  3rd!

Game 12/34.  ST PAULI  1 – 0  Freiburg. 
Sun. 25 Oct.  It looks like PAULI will hold the table leaders to a draw at home when they only go and score in the last minute of injury time! Now that is a turn up for the books! That’s what happens when you stay focussed guys! Woo Hoo!

Game 11/34. Union Berlin  3 – 3  ST PAULI.
Sat.17 Oct.  In a ping-pong ding-dong of a game, PAULI take the lead in the 22nd min (Sobota), retain it until the 42nd and three minutes later are losing 2-1. Double-whammy, psychological blow just before half-time, etc etc. Focus guys, focus until the last minute! Anyway, PAULI get the first goal in the second half on 54min (Hornschuh), and regain the lead on 72min (Dudziak). Woo hoo! Ok guys, focus eh – which they do up to the 90th minute. Unfortunately, in some sort of Fergie-time for the home-team, the flexible injury time extends until the Irons hoof in an equaliser. At which point the ref blows the whistle. Ever had the feeling you’ve been cheated? Grrrrrrrrr.

Game 10/34.  ST PAULI  1 – 3  Sandhausen. 
Sat. 03 Oct.  If only the game had started 10 minutes later…horrendous defending (just like old times) allows the visitors to go two up in the time it takes people to take their seats in the hauptribune. Oh well, that gives Pauli 80 minutes to make up the deficit.  But as the clock ticks away it is looking more and more remote. But sub Choi brings joy, and hope, in the 75th minute with a fine shot; only for hope and joy to be dashed two minutes later when the visitors are awarded a penalty and regain the two goal lead. So, discounting the horrible start, it was a draw, ok 😉

Game 09/34.  Paderborn  0 – 0  ST PAULI. 
Sat. 26 Sep. Pauli start off sprightly but it’s Himmelmann that keeps them in game with a couple of good saves in the first half; second half the home side press forward and when former-Paulianer Saglik comes on he nearly scores but thankfully he just gets wound up instead, especially when the hosts are reduced to 10 men and Pauli are given a free kick just outside the box in the last moments – but the shot goes wide. An entertaining match in the way that goalless draws can be entertaining but a clean sheet and not losing is always welcome.

Game 08/34.  ST PAULI  1–0  Heidenheim
Wed. 23 Sep. Pauli’s impressive start to the season continues with a well-earned win, with a lovely goal in the 34th min from Maier. Thereafter both sides fail to make or take a decisive shot on goal although Pauli apply most of the pressure – that is until the end of the game when the visitors stir themselves into action: but Pauli hang on for the win.

Game 7/34.  Eintracht Braunschweig  0 – 0  ST PAULI
Sun. 20 Sep.  Happy with a draw, although can’t help feeling that it was Pauli’s final touches (or lack of them) that wiped out otherwise creative offensive efforts – yes, faffing seems to have crept back into play 😉 It seemed largely Pauli’s game with the home team looking for the counter-attack but Himmelman was there to deal with any threats. A good game, with Pauli looking confident in defence and in going forward. So, erm, (looking at football cliche reference #10), so many positives to take away from this game….

Game 6/34.  ST PAULI  2 – 0  Duisburg. 
Mon. 14 Sep. The boys in brown look to get back to their winning ways whilst the blue and white  Zebras look to keep a clean sheet, draw or win (and possibly in that order) after their poor start to the season.  The first half is a battle for the midfield, with FCSP seeking to press forward and the visitors putting up a solid defence. New boy Dudziak (whose mum, it seems, is a life-long Pauli fan and season ticket holder) is lively up front but it’s the final touch that is, as ever, missing from the Pauli attack although a fair shout for a penalty is waved away: at the other end, on the counter attack, the post keeps the ball out of the Pauli net. Second half, things pick up or slow down as frustration, fouls, flounces, injuries and yellow cards accumulate.  But the game and the visitors unravel in the 68th minute when a tussle that started outside the penalty box carries on into it and Thy is brought down. The Ref points to the spot. The Zebras go ape-shit. The game stops for two minutes (seems longer) as they complain, the manager complains (and is sent to the stand for his trouble), and make a substitution at glacial speed in an attempt to disrupt things.  Surprisingly Lassie Sobiech is not put off by such wankery, and although the goalie is so far off his line that they could have shaken  hands by the time is ball is kicked, slams it in for a goal. The visitors spend more time kicking lumps out of Pauli players than taking chances on goal.  And pay for it when der Joker, Maier, hits a screamer from outside the box in the 87th minute.  Duisburg lose the plot and the game, and become graceless losers.  But another well-earned win for Pauli.

Game 5/34.  Frankfurt   1 – 0  ST PAULI. 
Sun. 30 Aug. In a blistering 34° it is honour’s even and it is only a chance ball – a loose defensive header is pounced on and punted, and curved (by design, fluke or wind-gust who knows) into the farthest point of the goal from Himmelman – that decides the game.  But it is heartening to see Pauli fight back, creating chances and shooting on target although it’s the final finish that lets them down.  And so the dream of remaining undefeated this season – and with it, promotion – ends 😉 Oh well it was against a bogey team who were desperate for their first home win of the season.

Game 4/34.  Fizzy PopTM Leipzig  0 – 1  ST PAULI. 
Sun. 23 Aug. Thy time…Thy proves better than fizzy-pop etc… An amazing first touch shot from Thy outside the box screams into the net just before half-time to take the wind out from under the wings of the hosts. Himmleman and the post play their part in stopping red bull balls from going in and Pauli hang on relentlessly for a deserved, if surprising, win!

Game 3/34.  ST PAULI  3 – 2  Greuther Fürth
Sun. 16 Aug.  Woo phew! What a thriller!  FCSP nearly score an own goal within seconds of starting when a strong pass back surprises Himmelman who dashes back to hoof the ball off the goal line just in time.  Fürth press forth but it’s Pauli that pounce with a sharp cut back into the penalty area and a waiting Rzatkowski who slots the ball into the net (almost the same spot as in the last game) on 19 mins.  15 mins later Halstenberg lets fly a super shot from outside the box into the top right of the goal – Sonntagschuss!  The visitors spoil the party mood just before the half-time break with a diving header that has everyone beat. The second half sees Fürth press forth again. Chances come and go for both teams but can Pauli hang on? It doesn’t look like it when Fürth get the ball into the Pauli net in the 74th minute. But hold on, the the goal is disallowed for off-side and Himmelman takes the free kick quickly, hoofing the the ball upfield to Verhoek who dashes toward the sud-kurve; his shot is saved, but the rebound falls to Rzatkowski whose first shoot is blocked, but falls back to him for a quick faff and toe-poke into the left side of goal. Incredible. It’s 3-1. With 16 minutes to go. Can Pauli hold on? Erm, of course not. Fürth bounce back with a second goal in the 79th min. Only 11 minutes to go. Plus stoppage time. CAN PAULI HOLD ON? CAN THEY GAIN THEIR FIRST HOME WIN AGAINST FüRTH IN 17 YEARS? Well, the result above tells you they did of course. Never in doubt. Ahem.  Highlights (you tube).

DFB Cup Round 1.   ST PAULI  1 (1) – (0) 4 Borussia Mönchengladbach. 
Mon. 10 Aug.  The chips are down when Marc Rzatkowski angles a hook shot into the ‘bach net. Pauli lead by the sole goal at half-time and we dare to bdream of poaching a win. But the cod cold fish slap of reality rocks da plaice and Pauli are battered as four goals in a roe fill the keep-net of despair and its ta! ta! from the visitors. Pollocks.

Game 2/34.  Karlsruher  1 – 2  ST PAULI. 
Sun. 2 Aug.  FCSP get their first goals and win of the season at a sunny Wildparkstadion. The first, a set-piece free-kick, saw Sobiech head the ball out of reach of the keeper into the corner of the net on 10 mins.  SC immediately looked for an equaliser forcing a goal line clearance on 14 mins but had to wait until 29 mins to score from a set-piece corner which saw a diving header powered into the goal.  The second Pauli goal was a surprise scorcher, when on 40 mins Halstenberg unpacked his right foot and cracked a shot from outside of the box – and just when you thought it was going over it hit the bar and downed into the back of the net. Sonntagshuss! (see our football volkabulary).  The second half saw chances come and go – notably Maier who having the keeper to beat failed to beat the keeper. As the 90 minutes ended and the game entered unannounced, and nail-biting,  injury time, SC piled on the pressure but Pauli held on until someone decided that time had, indeed, run out or the ref remembered to blow the whistle so that everyone could go home. Happy, in our case.

Game 1/34.  ST PAULI  0 – 0 Arminia Bielefield. 
Sat. 25 July. FCSP make the first impression with a yellow card in the 4th minute but struggle to impress thereafter.  There is a moment of panic as the visitors score and celebrate but they fail to fool the lino who flags their two offside players. It dwindles down to a scoreless draw/clean sheet, but only thanks to Himmelmann who makes essential saves to save the day. Verdict: More ho hum than woo hoo. But top marks to the Fans in all four stands for their fantastic choreo. That’s the way we like it!