Season 2017-18

This page lists all the scheduled games and results for this season. See below. Yes, it is all information available elsewhere but we need to do something with our idle hands.
Games are also listed in our Calendar
And we’ve also made a spreadsheet. imaginatively entitled,  ST PAULI SEASON 2017-18 , which you can download/print off if you like. It’s got the lot. Even the results when we can be bothered to add them in.
If you just want a list of the last batch of games, well we have that too – SP_2017-18_5
Lastly, 2Bundesliga results and table is on  Ja it’s in German but the numbers aren’t 😉 We really can’t be arsed to wax on (and wax off) about how many points are needed for safety, where Pauli are bobbling in the table this week etc.

GAMES. All times are UK.
28.  ST PAULI v Sandhausen. Sun. 01 Apr. 12:30.
29.  Erzgebirge Aue  v ST PAULI.  Sat. 07 Apr.  12:00.
30.  ST PAULIUnion Berlin.  Sat. 14 Apr.  12:00.
31.  Jahn Regensburg v ST PAULI.  Sat. 21 Apr. 12:00.
32.  ST PAULIGreuther Fürth.  Sat. 28 Apr. 12:00. 
33.  ST PAULI v Arminia Bielefeld.  
Sun.06 May.14:30. 
34.  Duisburg v ST PAULI.  Sun.13 May.14:30.


Kaiserslautern (FCK)   1-1  ST PAULI.
[27/34. Sat.17 Mar.12:00]  The game looked to tip in Pauli’s favour in the 73 min when the ref saw red and sent off a FCKer for a foul in the penalty area and then Pauli (Bouhaddouz) scored from the resulting penalty.  The basement team down to 10 men with a quarter an hour to go? 3 points in the bag? You think? Oh hold on, FCK make two substitutions in the 78min and one sets up the other to score the equalizer in the 86min. FCKing jokers! Ahem.

ST PAULI  0-0 Eintracht Braunschweig.
[26/34. Sat.10 Mar.12:00.] The Millerntor roar to a no score draw. Oh well.

Fortuna Düsseldorf  2-1 ST PAULI.
[25/34. Sun.04 Mar.12:30.]  As you’d expect, the league leaders get the home win (first goal in 8mins, with second deep into the second half at 74mins) although Pauli do score in the 91st minute. If only the game had gone on for longer…. It’s all about timing 😉

ST PAULI  3-2  Holstein Kiel.
[24/34. Sun.25 Feb.12:30.] A home win? *rubs eyes* Yes, true believer! OK, it wasn’t that straightforward (of course). Pauli score first (Neudecker, 11mins) but, unlike last week, they are unable to defend it and by half-time they are down 1-2 (goals in 14 and 19 mins). Oh fupp you think, more Millerntor misery…and so it looks, as the clock winds down inexorably and another  home defeat looms,  But thankfully, Neudecker (playing luddite to the looms of defeat) puts in a  second (75mins) to give us hope of draw…only for Avevor (with an assist from Neudecker!) to head in the winner on 90+1 minute. Phew Hoo!

Ingoooolstadt  0-1  ST PAULI.
[23/34.  Sat.17 Feb.12:00.] FIrst half goal from Pauli seals the deal. Which is nice. 

ST PAULI  0-0 Nuremberg. 
[22/34. Mon.12 Feb.19:30.]  A draw but a virtual victory given the poor home performance this season and the visitors with a good away record and on a promise of going top of the table with a win.

Heidenheim  3-1  ST PAULI.
[21/34. Sat.03 Feb.] Pauli take the lead within the first ten minutes but thereafter its all the home team, abetted by poor defending at the back and poor finishing up front from Pauli.

ST PAULI  0-1 Darnstadt.
[20/34. Sun.28 Jan.12:30.] The poor home performance of the hindrunde continues.

Dynamo Dresden  1- ST PAULI.
[19/34. Thu.25 Jan.19:30.] Sobota is on fire with two goals and one assist, to make it one game, one win and three points in 2018!

ST PAULI   2-1  Bochum.
[18/34. Mon 18 Dec. 19:30].  It’s the first game of the Ruckrunde [the return section/second half of the season] and a first win for the new coach Kauczinski and, at last, the second home win of the season for Pauli!  There were two enforced changes – Park (in midfield, for the injured Nehrig) and Schneider (in attack for the suspended Bouhaddouz [the DFB had reduced his suspension from the automatic 3 game ban to just 1 game in view of the nature of last game’s offence : the Water-spate incident]). The changes seemed positive: the defence was much improved and solid, and it was Schneider who coolly scored the second goal to put Pauli 2-0 ahead in the 49th minute. Bochum pulled one back in the 79th min. so usual nerve wracking period waiting for the final whistle!! But all in all a very positive game to go into the Winterpause with.  It all starts again on 25 Jan. when Pauli travel to Dresden.

ST PAULI   2-2  Duisburg.  
[17/34. Sun 10 Dec. 12:30.] The new coach’s first venture ends in a worrying draw. Pauli went behind 32mins in after a penalty awarded for a high foot from Bouhaddouz. The game got testier from then on; tension and testosterone colliding. After the break Pauli came out fighting and incredibly got two goals in the space of a few minutes (58′ and 63′). Things turned to the worse when Bouhaddouz inexplicably squirted water into a zebra’s face, earning him a straight red (on top of the yellow he earned earlier for his high foot). Down to ten men, Pauli were on the back foot. The equalizer inevitably arrived in the 81st min. Thankfully, just one more game before Winterpause. 

Head-coach rolls out/in
The perplexing puzzle of Pauli’s poor performances/pummelings has prompted the prompt procurement of a new head coach: Markus Kauczinski. Who he? And what’s his pedigree Pauli punters ponder. His previous professional posts were at Karlsruhe (where he almost got them promoted but lost the play-offs to H$V) and Ingoooolstadt. Positive pronouncements in the press conference (on Thursday 7 Dec) belie the present predicament but let’s not pontificate! The proof will be on the pitch – starting this Sunday at home to Duisburg. A second home win of the season would be a promising beginning. His contract lasts until June 2019.  (7 Dec).

Injury Time
To add injuries to the, erm, insult, Christopher Buchtmann and Mats Möller-Daehli are both out for months. Buchtmann has an inflammation of the sciatic nerve, and Möller-Daehli has a groin injury, which he’s been carrying for weeks, and will be operated on today (6 Dec).  Fupping ‘ell.

Arminia Bielefeld   5-0  ST PAULI
[16/34] . If the last game was a disaster (and it was) then this game was a nightmare. Wake up folks! “No Matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Greuther Fürth  4-0  ST PAULI
[15/34].  Disaster the club says, and who can argue? 2-0 at half-time. A man down in the 69min (Nehrig with two yellows). It’s 3-0 in the 72min and defeat is a foregone conclusion even before Furth get their fourth in the 79min. Disaster.

ST PAULI  2-2  Regensburg
[14/34]. Pauli are first off the mark – but it’s with a yellow card in the 3rd min. It’s the visitors who score first, in the 21st min. Then again in the 24th.  Crisis? Nah. Two substitutions seem to make a difference and Pauli are level pegging by half-time – unfortunately a third proves elusive. As does that second home win… Club reaction

Union Berlin  1-0  ST PAULI
[13/34]. Oh fupping hell. Chances missed, Allagui gets booked for diving when we’re all thinking it’s a half-decent penalty shout (we’ve seen ’em given blah blah) and then the ref gives Union a free kick in the last moment when their player stumbles over his own ineptitude – and then the home side head-Tor from said free kick! Insult to injury? Hell, yeah. But what can you do? (Ok, the header may have been well taken but but….pfft).

ST PAULI  1-1  Erzgebirge Aue
[12/34]  For a while there it was looking like Pauli were going to get their second home win of the season but no. Oh well, next time eh?

SV Sandhausen   1-1  ST PAULI
[11/34]  Pauli played well without some strikers (out through injury) in the line-up, so when Sandhausen took the lead in the 82 minute (a desperate punt from outside the box of which Himmlemann seemed unsighted) it was a cruel twist of fate. With a clear penalty shout from Pauli waved away, and Nehrig having to be subbed through injury (yet another, gah) it looked it was not going to be Pauli’s night. But with seconds to go Schneider (who had come on a sub for the injured Nehrig)  hit home for his first goal in the league! A draw, but it feels like victory son!

ST PAULI  1-1  Kaiserslautern
[10/34]  Pauli won the game on stats but it’s goals that count right kids? As it was the visitors cruelly equalise to prevent Pauli getting their second home win. It will come.

Eintracht Braunschweig  0-2  ST PAULI
[09/34] Check It out! Streaker? Check. Saved penalty? Check (Himmelmann 12′, twice). Goals? Double Check (Buchtmann 76′, Sahin 80′). Three points? Triple Check (Pauli). Highlights (youtube).

ST PAULI  1-2  Dusseldorf.
[08/34] Pauli’s second home win of the season remains elusive. Oh well, next time eh?

Kiel  0-1 ST PAULI.
[07/34]  A tough game, where the busiest person on the pitch was the ref (who may be putting in a claim for rsi to his card-wielding elbow), with fouls aplenty, bodies rolling on the floor, Pauli palyers being subbed for yet more injuries, eight yellow cards and one red, five minutes of injury time, testy exchanges between the coaches etc etc.. And that was after a delayed start due to kiel hoolies running on the pitch,  But Pauli come away with the points – earned by a shot from Flum into the top corner of the net in the first half, and stalwart defending and a super save in the second from Himmelman in the dying moments!

ST PAULI  0-4 Ingoldstadt
[06/34]  All the goals (in the first half no less), all the cards (5 yellows) and all the points (who’s counting?) belong to the visitors.

Nuremburg  0-1 ST PAULI.
[05/34]  An unexpected route one goal – plus stalwart defending and the aid of the woodwork – gives Pauli the win against the run of play.

ST PAULI  1-0 Heidenheim.
[04]  Pauli pile on the pressure in the second half with 11 corners (11 more than they managed in the first half) but it’s in the last one, and in 90+2 minute, that Flum’s foot pokes in the ball (video). Phew hoo!

Darmstadt  3-0  ST PAULI.
[03/34]  A poor performance and a poorly taken/saved penalty = a dismal defeat in damp Darmstadt.

Paderborn  2-1 ST PAULI. [DFB Cup R1]
Usual quick exit from the cup. Nothing to see here.

ST PAULI  2-2  Dresden.
[02/34]  Good goals come to naught as the visitors bounce back. Twice.

Bochum  0-1  ST PAULI.
[01/34]  Yay. A good start to the season. Not saying anything….