Tickets for games

‘ere squire, you looking for a ticket?” This is what you need to know…

Planning Ahead
Obvious you may think but given that the dates for all games are not fixed at the beginning of the season and are only confirmed in batches as the season progresses it can be a juggling act for overseas fans to sort out tickets, flights and accommodation far in advance.  All you know at the beginning of a season is when the first two and the last two games will be played (Note: All teams play the last two games on the Sunday at 2.30pm). However, the published schedule for 2bundesliga will indicate when a game will be played over a given weekend (Fri-Mon). So unless you are planning a long weekend anyway you will have to wait until the dates of games are confirmed.

Stay tuned for announcements 
The suits in the German Football League like to earn their money by pontificating about when games will be played (the reason is to assess the impact of International and European games on teams and allow these teams more time to recover).  So you need to keep up-to-date with announcements – see our page for the current season; it will be updated with confirmed dates. Once you know the confirmed date of a game you can get a ticket right? Hold your horses, tiger!

Requesting Tickets
So you know the date of a game. Where do you get tickets from? And when should you apply for a ticket?  You can go direct to the club but for overseas fans the best bit is to contact the club’s FANLADEN, which serves the fan scene. They receive an allocation of tickets for overseas supporters. However, they will only get tickets a couple of weeks before the game so there’s no point applying too far in advance; if you do they will simply tell you get back to them nearer the time. See the Links section below.

Important Note : Don’t buy tickets from anywhere other than the club/Fanladen. If you do they are more than likely to be a scam and the tickets won’t be valid.  Also, there are no touts at FC St Pauli. If you turn up outside the ground without a ticket you could try asking around for a spare ticket – if you’re lucky and there is one you should expect to buy the ticket at face value.  Imagine a premiership club fan doing that eh?

Picking up Tickets
Home game:  Pick up from the Fanladen.
Away game: Pick up from Fanladen representative outside the ground (you will need to make arrangements).

Travel and Accommodation
Obviously you will have to sort out your own travel and accommodation but if you are looking for advice you could go on to the St Pauli Fans UK Message Board (see our About Us section for the link).

Good luck!



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