Why we watch St Pauli

Why do we follow FC St Pauli?
We like the heady mix of football and politics. Any fan will tell you that it isn’t the quality of football that attracts them but what the club – and the fans – stand for. It’s more than football. Much more. From the vehement anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-sexist stance, and opposition to any form of discrimination;  support for the rights of football fans and culture; resistance to all out commercial modern football; to it’s DIY punky party vibe. Moreover, tickets prices are affordable, there is terrace standing, drinking and smoking. Against modern football is not living in the past. It is the present and future of football. Something the self-serving Premier £eague has swapped for a side-show of Sky high wages, high-maintenance egoes, transfer window shopping, TV rights and and media money and nothing to do with fans, community blah blah blah. More ABOUT FC ST. PAULI.