About Us

Moin Moin!

WHO? We’re London-based fans of radical German football club FC St Pauli.

WHERE? We meet up at the Zeitgeist@Jolly Gardeners pub in Vauxhall., where we also collect donations for a local Food Bank, 

WHEN? We meet up on match days. For match days see our Season 2018-19 page

FOLLOW We can be followed via Facebook. and Twitter.
The St Pauli UK Fans Forum has quit forumup due to persistent problem of forumup fupping up. Instead folk are directed to the to the English language section of the St Pauli Fanforum

WHY? We’re drawn towards the political outlook of the club and fans. From the vehement anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-sexist stance, and opposition to any form of discrimination (as indicated by the various statements, graffiti, art and banners around the ground);  the support for the rights of football fans and culture; resistance to all out commercial modern football (ok, the club needs to balance its books but it is not willing to sell it’s soul, it will never, for example, change the name of the ground to gain sponsorship money); down to it’s DIY punky party vibe.  Every game is a party and win or lose the team are cheered on throughout.  Ticket prices are kept affordable, there is terrace standing, and drinking and smoking is permitted: you know, people are treated like adults not as cattle or cash-cows in seats.  It is something the self-serving Premier £eague has swapped for a side-show of Sky high wages, high-maintenance egoes, transfer window shopping, TV rights and and media money and nothing to do with fans, community blah blah blah. See our About FC St Pauli page for more info on the club.


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